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DS: AP Pink OP, Black*White Blouse, B*W Shoes, False Nails, Jewellery etc

Hi and welcome! Remember I am always open to offers, trades, and partial trades so don't be shy :3  (But please don't be offended if I turn down your trade!)

Please read these rules before buying:
- Priority goes to those who leave payment details first, or those who are willing to give me the best deal (i.e. full asking price or a better trade)
- I try to keep prices low but I don't mind haggling as in the end I need everything gone!
- Postage prices are seperate from the price of the item (both will be listed together). I do not charge any hidden Paypal fees. Having had some bad experiences, I will ship by International Signed For, or Royal Mail Recorded. Cheaper shipping is available but it cannot be tracked and therefore I prefer not to use it unless absolutely necessary.
- Because the extra cost of posting something small with something large is negligible, here will be postage discounts on some items if you buy more than one.
- I try to recycle packaging when I can. Don't worry, your goods will be safe!
- I have rodents! I don't let them near my clothes (they're on the other side of the house!) but whilst I will check for hairs and remove any on garments you buy from me (believe me, I'm meticulous!), if you have allergies please take this into consideration! Your clothes will be clean and laundered properly, but I still have to warn you just in case!

Feedback can be found here:  http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/269743.html

Lastly, photos of clothing are shown on my dress form Venus who has my initials on her neckstump (MT for MissyTetra and NLT for my real name).

Apologies for the photos being a little crumby- my camera batteries are acting weird and only let me camera be switched on for about 30 seconds each time so I had to take them all really quickly. I hope they are good enough to illustrate what I'm selling! I can take more specific pics if you need them.

On to the sales!

1. Angelic Pretty Pink Onepiece Dress SOLD THANK YOU!
Asking price £50.00.


2. Offbrand Black OP SOLD THANK YOU!
Asking Price £10.00

3. Peachy Pink Bodyline Petti SOLD THANK YOU!

Asking £6.00

4. H.Naoto Blood Sailor Collar Bolero SOLD THANK YOU!
Asking £15.00

5. Black Handmade Blouse (not by me!)

6. Offbrand White w/ pink flowers Stretchy Top

This is gorgeous to go under JSK's when it's summer and too hot for a blouse/cutsew! I just have a lot of other blouses like this so letting this one go to make some space so I can close my wardrobe!

Asking: £6.00
Shipping: UK £2.00, Europe, £5.00, Elsewhere £6.00 (as always if it costs significantly less to ship it to you, I will refund the difference)

7. Montreal Black X White Shoes SOLD THANK YOU!


A: SOLD!   B

C  D
E  F
I & J 

B - Gothic Wreath Brooch. Asking £2.50, Shipping in UK £1.50 recorded
C - Casino Trump Kilt Pin Brooch. Asking £4.00, shipping in UK £1.50 recorded
D - Large Double sided rose claw clip. Asking £3.00, shipping in UK £2.00 recorded
E - Rose & feather ring. Asking £2.00, shipping in UK £1.50 recorded
F - Cherub Earrings BNWT. Asking £2.00, shipping in UK £1.50 recorded
H - Black lace choker with crosses, and skulls. Asking £2.50, shipping in UK £1.50 recorded
I - Pink strawberry false nailes BNIB (the ones on the left of the picture). Asking £2.00, shipping in UK £1.50 recorded
J- Polka Dot tip flower nails BNIB (the ones in the centre of the picture). Asking £2.00, shipping in UK £1.50 recorded

That's everything today! Thank you for looking, any questions please ask!
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