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[DS/DT]: Dear Celine Petticoat, secretshop socks NEW


- I always ship the cheapest possible way, if you want insurance or faster shipping, please let me know.
- For proof of shipping, I'll take a picture of the package with the buyer's address on it, and a picture of the receipt. After that, I am no longer responsible for your package and won't give a refund if it gets lost in the mail. If you want to be on the safe side, please pay for insured shipping.
- Prices don't include shipping, but are negotiable

- I don't smoke, but I have a cat. I try to remove all hair from the clothes before I ship them, but if you're allergic, please be aware.
- If you state interest in an item, please let me know if you don't take it. After 24 hours with no reply, the item goes to the next in line.

- my feedback page: (100% positive)

Dear Celine super fluffy "Cotton Candy" chiffon petticoat: 30€ / 40$ or best offer - SOLD+SHIPPED


A very fluffy Petticoat with gorgeous cupcake-shape. I found that I like A-shape more, so I'm selling this one. Its a little less poofy than in the picture from use, but still extremely fluffy and can't loose any more poof since its volume comes from the amount of material it is made of, not its stiffness like tulle.
A petti that never dies!

Secretshop socks, NEW and still in original package! 12€ / 16$ or best offer - SOLD+SHIPPED

I got this pair twice through a mistake from the seller. The socks in the picture are my own pair, the pair I'm selling has never been taken out of its package. The soles of the socks look black in my picture, but it's brown.
stock picture for reference

Thanks for looking!

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