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DS: Bodyline Carousel JSK 2L pink, Offbrand OP, Chocomint Puffy Bow, and much more!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my post ^_^ It will get picture heavy, so prepare :3

I have teeny feedback on EGL, but go to my Etsy in that link and see that I am a good seller ^_^

Payment: Paypal ONLY. First to leave their paypal email, first dibs. Questions are welcome :]

Shipping and Handling: Is added to the total, with tracking # and pp fees. If buying more than 1 item, combine shipping is available! Will let you know overall :] No returns. So please do buy with confidence.
For out of USA, please add $5 to the shipping (except for accessories).

My measurements as a reference: I am a 38C-34-42. Originally my bust size is 105+ cm. Also I am 4'9" :]

Also in your subject, please put the item title of what you'd like so others can see.

No trades right now :]

Photos are taken as much as possible to true color with some natural lighting.
Bodyline Carousel JSK in PINK sz 2L  $50SOLD

Offbrand OP Dusty Pink colored. Great for Hime or Classical Lolita $60 SOLD
Please, this needs a home badly :'[

Teddy Bear Sweater $12

The full body photo is the true color, maybe slightly lighter, but very close. This is a sweater of mines from when I was a kid that still fits me, but not loosely :P It is a size M for kids. And the tag says 100% polyester. I approximately measured the sweater flat:
Bust= 19.5inches
Length= 23inches
Arms= 25.5 inches

Lavender Super Sweet Tee sz L $15 $12

Bought from Hip Hop Candy :] Just tried on and boyfriend folded it all weird so it's wrinkled *facepalm* Will iron it for you before shipping it x_x sorry.
This is a size L: Bust in inches 37"-39". It is an American Apparel tee I believe. It is pre-shrunkin. I would recommend this for sizes S-L for sure, for a bigger bust would stretch the cuteness out x_x

Big Puffy Lavender Chocomint Bow (2-way) $12 $10

Never used. It's too big for my taste xD It is about 6.5inches wide, and 5 inches tall ^_^ Please give it a good home!

Pink Mermaid Bow $4 $3

Made from SugarPopClothing. Very pretty ^_^ Never used. It is about 5inches wide.

Neon Green Bow $3

Never tried on. Just bought on sale at Sidecca. The bow is about 5inches.

Lavender Bow $3

Just found out there is a disturbing flaw, but from far away it isn't noticeable(like the top pic). But if you look closely, it looks like you can see the tracing of where they glued the cloth to the headband O_O

Whoever buys this headband, I'm throwing in a little something extra cause of that icky flaw. Nonetheless, it's an awesome bow from afar. The ribbon is about 4inches.

Rocking Horse Cuppycake Necklace and Earrings Set $15 $12 SHIPPED
In my online shop it is usually $18.50+ the shipping. But for you, this special price :] Please pick which color you want and the corresponding shape (heart or star). Only one of each made, one of a kind, and made for you ^_^
Cupcake is about 2inches tall, and ball chain is 24inches all around. Earrings will be the same color as the horse and pearl shape:

Shimmery Star Rings $6
Usually $6+shipping at my shop, but for you, it's like free shipping :]

Available: Red, Orange, and Pink. They sparkle really beautifully!
And it is adjustable :]

Thank you once again ^_^ 
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