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New indie print sample sale/commission

Feed back:
Sewing samples:

Before you comment, please read ALL terms and conditions.

First, the purpose of this sample sale:

I am getting rid of the old fabric stock I had ordered to make the test garments. I am keeping most of the pre-made samples except one, which you will find for sale below.

In addition, I have enough fabric left over to make 3 more skirt + headbow sets, 1 each in red, blue, and ivory.

I will ONLY be taking commissions for regular skirts in this sales post, so no JSK/OP/high-waist skirt.

Some of the fabrics have numerous marks of fading caused by machine washing improperly set inks (see pictures below). These marks are not visible from afar (again see photos). Regardless, you will not be paying for the fabric.

You will receive unlined skirts made with 6oz cotton poplin. This is different from the lined garments which will be made with 4oz organic sateen that buyers will receive in the official order. For this reason, you will receive a 30-65% discount on the regular price of $120 for the skirt and $20 for the headbow.

For commissioned skirts, I will ask for a minimum measurement and a maximum measurement. The skirts will be half-elasticized and will have no zippers so please specify a maximum measurement that will allow the garment to easily slip over your hips and/or shoulders and chest. Please allow up to 1 inch of measurement error.

The pre-made skirt will be shipped within 3 business days of payment. Items to be commissioned will be available for shipping within 2 weeks.

Item(s) + shipping must be paid in full before I start the commission.

Prices in this post are non-negotiable.

Second, general terms and conditions:

Prices are exclusive of handling, shipping and PP fee.  All items to US and Canadian destinations are shipped by Canada Post's Small Packet Surface and cannot be tracked nor are they fully insured unless you ask for a more expensive shipping method. 

Items going out to all other destinations should be shipped by express mail. You can choose small packet, but it's much slower and at your own risk. I'm not responsible for lost mail.

Transit time is around 6-12 business days for regular mail to US/Canada, up to 8 weeks for International ground mail, and around 2 weeks for International air mail, as quoted by the post office.

Priority goes to the first person to leave their Paypal. Please do not leave your PP unless you are committed to buying.

Payment is expected within 24 hours of invoice unless prior arrangements have been made. Neutral feedbacks may be left for late payments.

I do have a dog. I carefully examine every item for hair before I ship, but please do be aware if you have any allergies.

Pleas fill out this form when you comment or PM me.

Length: regular/tea length
Min waist (in cm):
Max waist (in cm):
Location: zip code if inside US/Canada, country if outside of US/Canada
Shipping method: ground/air/priority

1. Tea-length skirt and headbow in charcoal fabric x black trims
70cm length, 70cm min waist, 90cm max waist
The fabric shows fading throughout.
The is the first prototype ever made. Because my workmanship have since improved, it has an extra discount.

Samples of fading. You will find similar marks throughout the skirt.

2. Skirt and headbow in red fabric x gold trims
Your size, regular length (55cm) or tea length (70cm)
The fabric shows fading throughout.

Samples of fading. You will find similar marks throughout the skirt.

Sample finished product for trim reference. Please note this is not what you will receive.

Sample worksmanship

3. Skirt and headbow in dark blue fabric x dark/light blue trims
Your size, regular length (55cm) or team length (70cm)
The fabric shows fading throughout and production error on one side (see image).

Samples of fading. You will find similar marks throughout the skirt.

Production error. Please note the missing pixel at where the pattern repeats. It only occurs on one side of the selvage, which will be used only for the back of the skirt.

Sample finished product for trim reference. It is less true to colour than the above photographs. Please note that this is not what you will receive.

4. Skirt and headbow in ivory fabric x gold trims
Your size, regular length (55cm) or tea length (70cm)
Fabric is perfect.

Sample finished product for trim reference. Please note you will receive a regular skirt with ribbon, not the high-waist version.

My old DS post with 20% reduction:

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