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!DT: black IW coat. (Traded!)


First the rules/information:
-I will only trade if you have a feedback page and only positive feedback! I've been scammed before, so...please understand.
-I will ship from Belgium, Europe.
-I'm not looking to sell this coat! However, you may always give me an offer and I will consider it if I find nobody to trade with.
-I'm willing to do partial trades as well.

My feedback page:

I would like to trade my lp Innocent World winter coat! Just because it's too big for me. =(
I'm a tiny person, and it's way too long, so not really flattering. So I don't recommend this coat for short people!
It's truely a gorgeous coat!

Pictures (made this with my phone, I will make better pictures with my camera if you wish so and are truely interested!):

Detail of the buttons!

(Here you can see its real shape better+the floor was clean, don't worry. ;D)

As you can see, the tag is still included, I have just tried the coat on, that's it.
The fake fur collar is beige/cream.
Measurements: -Bust +/- 96 cm
                         -Waist +/- 86cm
                         -Length +/- 95 cm
On the website It said it was an M size?

I will look at the following items you offer me:
- Another brand coat.
-Any IW jsk/op
-Any ETC jsk/op
-Any Aatp jsk/op
-A plain ivory dress.
-I will also look at btssb or ap prints, but I don't want anything pink or sax blue!
-Metamorphose apple print jsk! (the one with the collar and belt)

I will do a partial trade for skirts or bags as well.

Please, with all respect, don't offer me bodyline, offbrand or handmade stuff. I want to trade brand for brand. ^_^

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
(or if I forgot something to add, please tell me so, this is the first time I post on egl comm sales, I'm mostly the buyer, haha.)



Tags: !dt, innocent world
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