Crazy Catlady (voiceless_angel) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Crazy Catlady

EA: Betsey Johnson Victorian Style Blouse Lowered starting price

 A few quick things:

Shipping is not included. I'm sending from the UK and in padded envelopes, unless you request a box.

I have a feedback page ( ), however little egl feedback yet as I haven't been around here much. Please check out my ebay.

I am selling this Betsey Johnson Victorian Style Blouse on ebay. Original Price 188$, I have lowered the starting price to 28.00£. No reserve.

It's new with tags and in perfect condition.  Click here to see!

I am also selling a couple of off brand blouses, so check out my shop! Clicky here!

Tags: !ea, offbrand
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