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DS:h.Jelly skirt

+ I N F O +

Please read carefully before deciding to buy.

~ My egl feedback page is here.

~I am shipping via USPS from Hawaii, USA.
... I will quote you for Priority shipping. If you like I can see how much First Class or Express Mail is.
... If you would like tracking or insurance, please ask.
... I will ship internationally.

~You're free to make offers.

~ No refunds or returns.
... once an item leaves my possession I am not responsible for loss or damage.

~ You can make my photos a little bigger by dragging them to a new tab... or right clicking on them, I believe.

~ I don't have worn photos, please don't ask.

Thanks for reading that. Now, on to the items.

+ h.Naoto / h.Jelly Tartan Skirt with Garters +

Received this skirt in a partial trade. It's one of my favorite items because of its versatility, but I think I can stand to let it go now.

Elastic waist makes it comfortable and plus size friendly. It is not exactly full enough to fit a petti but has bulk of its own for architecture; not petticoat thickness, but will fluff up one of your gothic skirts a bit. The garters are non detachable. It is fully lined.

Here is the same skirt in a different color, shown on a dress form:

+ $55 +

+ Handmade Metamorphose Kimono Inspired Jsk +

I made this a few months ago when I was obsessed with Meta's kimono series. I decided to make my own out of this cream, lavender and gold uchiwa/fan print I found. The (very) full gathered skirt flares out beautifully; here you see it hanging without a petti. The band underneath the bodice is reinforced with interfacing so it lies smooth and flat like an obi. The front "Y" kimono fold is trimmed with venise lace, shaped like petite flowers. The bodice is lined, the skirt is not. There is an invisible zipper in the back. All seams are finished. 100% cotton with lining.

Sizing should fit a US 6-8, approximately 32"-36" bust, 26"-29" waist, the maximum measurements being absolute. There is no shirring or give to the fabric.

+ s o l d +

Thank you for looking at my post! If you have any questions please comment below, and I'll answer as soon as I can.
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