Shing (shing_lang) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

I need to buy ONE last item before i can begin using my Lolita clothers, please help me!!! Its not urgent but you can imagine how eager i am,lol.

I need a black poofy petticoat, preferably A-line but ill look at ALL offers, that can stretch/hold up to 90cm on the waist and about 55cm long (give or take a couple of centimeters). Can be brand, off-brand or hand-made but i am on a tight budget and i am willing to pay up to 20€, (which translates to 27$ or 17£, sort of), but by all means, make your offers, who knows if i might pay a bit more if its tottaly worth it, you never know!

Thank you so much!

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Tags: !wtb
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