harukah (harukah) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: MAM specific stuff, black shoes (rhs, platforms..), white petitcoat

hi guys,

i'm looking to buy specific stuff from MAM this time,a parasol and a tote bag from their 'Cross print'.Or if you happen to know a shopping service for MAM or a website doing internacional shipping please let me know! (note: i'm aware of Tokyo Rebel and Cd Japan just want to look at  any other options if they exist,xD)
here are the pictures of them:

i'm specially looking for the frilled cross umbrella but also i'm ok with the simple version,just needs to be either black x white, black x silver, white x black. For the cross tote bag, it needs to be in black x silver or black x white!

also,i might be willing to look at black shoes,any kind of them platforms, wood sole,rhs and so or if you have any an-ten-na shoes please show me! (note: it's AN-TEN-NA not an-tai-na that i want!)
my size: usually an US 7, 24cm insole

oh ah,i need to buy a white petitcoat!!!xD (not plenty of poof,just moderate one as it's for EGL cords.
waist: 31'

my feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/191669.html
warning: i'm only receiving my allowance next week,so if you  have any item that i'm looking for,you have to be willing to wait some days.

thank you very much in advance!
Tags: !wtb, an-ten-na, any brand, maxicimam, offbrand
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