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!DS/ DT Angelic Pretty 2011 LP

 I am putting my LP up for trade. I got few LP's and got this as a repeat. :( i was hoping to get the black or lavender. So i am putting this up for trade

ebay woops feedback:  

What I want:
i will trade the entire LP for the same LP in another color
I will trade the jsk socks and bow for a sallopet set in any color
I love AP, AATP, JET, VM, beth so make me offers.
My stuff is new so i want new, if it isn't new i will do partial trade +money, unless yours is more rare
I love Black, Navy, Brown, Red, Green(not mint) 
i fit standard brand size so i don't need sheering 
I love shoes. i am an S. :)

I will trade blouse for a black blouse of a similar style

Priority goes to lyrical bunny in dif colors
Then trades
If i get no hits i will sell

Details of items

This set cost me almost 400 :(  inc shipping/taxes/ ssfees so I don't want to lose any money

My prices include domestic shipping/ppfees/ and packaging costs :) ask for int

 Jsk:  200
Back sheering, pocket, built in petti, detachable waist ties

Blouse: 135
detachable sleeves, sheering down the back, wonderful soft lace, thick for winter

Boston bag: 115
back pocket with magnet clip, very soft synthetic leather,  inner pocket, plenty of space, heart zip

bow: 32
Cute print, not massive head eating, but still very cute

socks: 30
cute bunny print, otk on bigger leg. thigh high on my leg

feel free to make an offer, I might go lower, but I would really rather just trade :) I will also be at the LA meet up/swap meet so can deliver in person if you are going :)

Thanks for looking
Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, juliette et justine, victorian maiden
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