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DS/DT: AP turtleneck

Sorry, long rules first!
~I ship packages via slow mail (such as SAL) unless the buyer is willing to pay extra for EMS
~I only provide tracking numbers upon request for the additional cost, but I always keep the customs number on hand
~Items are from a nonsmoking household
~I do accept higher offers. If someone has already left their Paypal address you can still leave a higher offer if I have not invoiced them yet.
~The first person to ask a question about the item has dibs, not the first person to leave a PP address.
~If you do not respond back or pay an invoice within 12 hours I will pass the item to the next person without warning
~There are no added fees, the price is what it is
Feedback is here
93 Positive, 0 Negative
Trades are welcome

This is an Angelic Pretty white turtleneck with pink gems and light pink ribbons.
Terrible Proof Photo
I purchased this used and never wore it myself.  

Bust:  35" max, maybe 36"
There is a ribbon across the chest so it's not quite as stretchy there as the rest of the sweater
Waist:  28" or so (it was fine on me at 27)
Arms:  I do not have an exact measurement for this but the arms have ribbons around them and are not as stretching as the rest of the sweater.  I would say these are just a little larger than the average AP blouse.
I can take specific measurements on request.

Price:  $70 OBO
Shipping:  $10 anywhere
I will happily take higher offers if more than one person is interested, or lower offers is no one is interested.
I would like to wait 24 hours to see what offers I get both price wise and trade wise.

Condition:  I can find nothing wrong with this sweater except that the bow at the neck may be slightly faded.
It was washed when I received it without harm and has not been worn since being cleaned.
All of the gems are perfectly in place.

Trades:  Offer me anything!
Particularly interested in some of the Btssb LP shoes that just came out or shoes in general
I wear a size L and will happily look at any color but brown
I realize that shoes are more expensive than this and would be happy to pay the difference
NO replicas or Bodyline please, non-replica offbrands are fine.
Anything sweet lolita is fine to offer for trade as well :)  

Thanks for looking!
Sorry for all the text x.x;
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