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!DS - ALL SOLD Thanks!

-Here is my feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/818285.html
-I ship from the US. Shipping and PP fees are included in the price for US BUYERS ONLY. For international shipping + fees, please inquire.
-I live in a smoke-free pet-free environment.
-I SHIP ON SATURDAY ONLY. I'm greatly sorry but I have a 9am-6pm job, preventing me from shipping on other days.

-Paypal ONLY

-First person to leave paypal address in a comment gets the item. Don't PM me.
-Serious inquiries only please.
-No returns or refunds unless there is serious damage/difference in described condition that I somehow missed.
-I can respond to messages and comments, but cannot take any other measurements or pictures until after 8PM EST.

Proof - All the items together on my Tacky Retro Blanket ;)

Angelic Pretty Going Out Skirt and Hair Bows
$70 Shipped in the US - International Please Inquire

I bought this from MBOK. It's been worn a lot by the previous owner, and I've only found 1 small spot on the front but it's barely noticeable except from up close, and it's still got a lot of life left in it. It comes lined with a small amount of built in poof, with detachable suspenders and waist ties, as well as 2 matching hairbows. This skirt is simply too sweet and too short for me and I only tried it on.
There is NO SHIRRING OR ELASTIC. I recommend a waist size of 28" or smaller.

Blue Handmade Skirt - Plus Size Friendly!
$20USD Shipped in the US. International please inquire.


This skirt is so cute and super soft - but it's a bit too large for me - your gain! "Comfortably" stretched, it can fit up to 19"(flat) inches. It's also a bit long on me, so it would look best on people who are 5'5" or taller! Includes matching waist tie! This was handmade but not by me.

Flat measurement:
Waist: 19" stretched/flat

2-Way White Anna House Blouse - Plus Size Friendly!
$25 Shipped US - International Please Inquire

Bust Closeup
Sleeve Lace Close Up
Stain on Wrist
Stain on Back
This blouse is really cute but it is WAY too big for me in the bust! Comes with detachable sleeves. Bought second hand from the comm_sales, I have not worn it, but there is some discoloration on one of the wrists and on the back. I don't know if the stains were there before and I simply didn't notice or if they touched something in storage :(  I am pretty sure some oxyclean will get them out though as they are very faint. There is elastic in the lower back allowing for some give in the measurements!
Bust -Reccommend 39"to 42"
Waist - Reccommend 30"-33"

Long Sleeve White Anna House Blouse
$25 Shipped US - International Please Inquire SOLD!

Back  - You can love the lacing up and down to suit your body
Lacing Close Up
Bought second hand from the comm_sales, but I have not worn it myself. It has a small black market spot on one wrist. Has lacing in the back and is really very lovely, but simply not my style.
Bust fit me perfectly at 38", can probably go an inch or two smaller with lacing.
Waist is adjustable from 28" to probably about 32"SOL
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