xxyumekaxx (xxyumekaxx) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Mew skirt and putumayo ties

- I'm located in Germany and can pay through Paypal and bank transfer within EU
- EGL-feedback
- skirts should fit till 72cm 

I fell in love with the Strawberry Cream skirt first time I saw it. Unfortunately I didn't had enough money to buy it then, so if anyone wants to sell her skirt (consider Jsk and OP, too) in yellow (or other colourways, but I prefer yellow) or saw it somewhere, please tell me! >_<

(Not my picture. Please tell me if your the owner of this picture and want me to take it down)

I'm also interested to buy neck ties from Putumayo like these:

(Mustn't be exactly like these on the pictures)

If I can't find the mew skirt, I may consider buying a different skirt with food prints.
Thanks for reading! :D

Tags: !wtb, mew, putumayo
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