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!WTB: ...everything

hello ladies ☆

this time i am shopping for a friend~ i am really excited because i'm sort of getting her started in loli =]]]] please help build her wardrobe! i know a lot of you girls have exactly the items she wants ^^

general substyle: classic / bittersweet. absolutely no OTT or gothic.

looking for

JSKs predominantly black, navy, or gray; secondarily: she is ok with deep emerald / maroon. she is does NOT like most prints, and prefers solids, stripes, tartans (sometimes), etc. also not a big fan of florals.
boleros, in cream, black, navy, etc.
high-waisted skirts with corsetting ^^ also in black, navy, gray, emerald etc.
putumayo (!!) any of their printed hoodies, cutsews, parkas, skirts, salopettes, etc <3. please offer

- measurements must fit: 32" / 28" , 5'3"

- lastly and most importantly: she is a budget loli, working with a very conscientious limit. for this reason, she is not looking for commissions or handmade items. most welcomed offers are lightly used / non-popular / older released brand ^^.

- i'm also willing to trade some of my own items for her, [ here ] [ here ] and [ here ]

thank you for helping!

my feedback ( + 111 )
(while for a friend, i will be buying the items for her, since she's still waiting on her own feedback page ^^)

Tags: !wtb, any brand

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