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DS:bodyline and off-brand

bodyline and off-brand
Here is my feedback. Since this is my first trade at EGL Community Sales, the feedback record is still blank. >_<
-- I ship internationally. Shipping quote is included in the price (available for most of the Europe, North America, and Oceania countries. If you are living in other parts of the world, please PM me. The price may need to be adjusted a little :)
-- I have no pet and I don not smoke.
-- I don't accept trade.
-- I am not responisble for the lost package.
-- I only accept payment via PayPal.
Bodyline OP $46
-- worn once
-- length 92cm
-- Bust 84-96cm
-- Waist 68-82cm


Bodyline high waist skirt  $40
-- worn twice and wash once
-- length: 63cm
-- waist: 60-72cm (has shirring)


off-brand OP $57
-- only tried on
-- 83 cm from the part that touches hanger to bottom of lace.
-- bust max: 86cm
-- waist max: 68cm
-- no shirring in the back
-- the waistband and the bow can be took down.
This is my first post at EGL Community Sales. In fact I still feel a sort of nervous >w<
I am a newcomer here, but not new to Gothic&Lolita fashion. I'm looking forward to making friends with you and we can share experiences~ If you have any question, feel free to PM me or e-mail me. :)
My e-mail address is


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