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DS: Bodyline Cardigan

Just a quick sale, after a week or so of denial I have to admit this just doesn' t fit me.

First of all, terms of sale and all that:
- I'm not really interested in trades, you're welcome to try trading but odds are I won't be interested.
- Price includes shipping, and is negotiable
- I have tried to be as accurate as possible in the item description, so unless there is some TERRIBLE FLAW i somehow missed, there are no refunds or exchanges/
- I live in a pet free dorm, but this was kept in my actual house where I have two dogs for a few days when I first got it.  Also, this was transported in a box in a car where people were smoking once.  I'll wash it before sending it out though, so none of this should be an issue.

On to the sale!

Bodyline pink cardigan, $30 shipped

stock picture:

My picture:

This is super cute- the lace is great, especially for BL, and the buttons are heart shaped ^^ It's a little more salmony than in either of these pictures, but only slightly.  It's also surprisingly warm and the sleeves are plenty long for taller lolis (I'm 5'7'' and they're long enough for me!)

Official measurements from BL are as follows: (IDK why there's a funky text box.  It won't go away)
Back center length 36 cm
Bust 80-100 cm
shoulder length 36 cm
sleeve length 62 cm

That being said, however, I wouldn't recommend this for a bust over 95 cm.  I'm right at 100 cm and it's just too tight to look good.  But if you have narrower shoulders you might be able to wear it at 100.

Any further questions, feel free to ask!
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