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hi, i'm looking for cheriecherie (again ;-;). a few weeks ago, she sold me a dreaming macaron skirt which arrived after some delay in shipping; however, it was stained in the back (print ran / bled) which was not mentioned prior to sale. i contacted her about this immediately after opening the package, and she was very responsive until 01/08. i told her i would take proof pictures of the staining the next day (when there was natural daylight), since i was coming home from a late flight.

the next day, i sent her pictures, but she has yet to confirm receiving them, or show any other signs of communication. after six days had passed, i sent her another PM asking if she had gotten my last message. four more days have since passed ;-; i really doubt she's a scammer, especially since she was responsive to me in the beginning when i pointed out the problem >.<

if anyone knows her in real life, please let me know what's going on! i know everyone is busy; i myself hold a part-time job, take grad classes, etc. but a little reassurance would be nice ♥

thank you ^^;
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