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ATTN: lolikum

I have been trying to reach the user lolikum or the past weeks with very little success.

I bought the horoscope jsk from this post. Unfortunately I hadn't noticed that she already got negative feedback.

Although I received the dress, even if not shipped on the date we agreed on, she failed to ship the bow. I contacted her about this matter and she admitted to have the bow but whenever I asked her to ship it she'd have another break in communication.

Finally I had to file a paypal claim to get her attention. I got her attention but I also got very unpleasant responses. I payed for the dress AND the bow. I want both of them, seems very simple.

I am still willing to solve this amicably but I have had enough with sending un-responded emails.
She did say that she was not answering to the emails because she had no internet, yet she was answering to someone else during the period of said broken internet connection.

She's french and you may know her in real life.  (or on the internet)

Her online shop ladyluz.com

I would very much appreciate if anyone could help me get in touch with her in order to get the bow shipped.

Due to all the evidence I added the tag: scammer alert
Tags: !attention buyer/seller, !scammer alert
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