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WTB: Sleeping beauty, Midsummer’s night dream, Vampire requiem

Here are
my feedbacks (mainly from Ebay)

I know these three are rare pieces but I think it could be worth the shot :).

~Sleeping beauty (AATP) in black or ivory, I’d rather buy the skirt but the jsk would be okay too. Not the OP.

~Midsummer’s night dream (AATP), I will consider every colourway. Skirt preferred, could look at the jsk (any type) too.

~Vampire requiem (AATP), the short jsk. I have an underbust of about 80 cm so I don’t know if the skirt would fit, but if it does I’ll consider this too. Feel free to propose every colourway, but I like the black one more.

This is my older WTB post~
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