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WTB: Innocent World Violin Jumperskirt

Hi Everyone!

I am looking for Innocent World's Violin Jumperskirt. I prefer the BLACK colorway and L SIZE.
I would also accept the long-sold-out gray colorway, or an M Size if my first choice is not available. I am looking for new/unworn condition, but may consider a gently used piece if I receive no other offers. I'm willing to negotiate on pricing.

I ordered this jumperskirt from Innocent World's Winter Sale, but by the time they invoiced me, it was sold out! I am really sad since I already purchased a matching bonnet and socks, and I already have the violin bag.

Here is the stock photo:

Innocent World Violin JSK

I will pay via Paypal within 24 hours of invoice, including shipping and Paypal fees. I will not send payment as a gift.

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Contact Information:
Please PM me (I do receive notifications) or email me at should be able to answer within a few hours.

Thanks for looking!

Tags: !wtb, innocent world

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