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DS: 2 IW blouses, both NWOT!

Just some general info first:
I ship from Ireland.
I only accept Paypal, but don't charge fees :)
Prices are in Euro (€).
Prices do not include shipping.
I'm very happy to ship worldwide.
Nobody in the house smokes. We do have a dog and some guinea pigs, but none of them come into contact with my lolita.
I can't be responsible for packages lost in the post, I'd really recommend insurance to avoid any risk!
Items go to the first person that leaves their Paypal address.
I'm not really interested in trades at the moment :)
I'll reply as soon as I possibly can, but I have school during the day so they may not be immediate!
Please, feel free to ask if you need any additional info or measurements. 
My feedback page is HERE


Alright, onto the blouses! 
Neither of them have been worn out- I've only tried them on. Sadly, neither of them go with my wardrobe.

1. IW Elda Blouse
Stock pic:

Detail of neck and embroidery
Detail of cuff and pintucks
(The black was difficult to photograph, apologies!)
This blouse has a removable neck-ribbon, and detachable neck ties. Instead of lace, it has the most gorgeous embroidery around the neck and sleeves. There are also some pintucks running down the front, it's a really pretty blouse!
Measurements: It's a standard IW size L, so:
Bust: 98 cm
Waist: 78 cm
Length: 50 cm

Price: € 100.00

2. IW Ribbon Embroidered Beige Blouse
Stock pic:

(There's a slight difference between this photo and the blouse- the lace at either side of the bust has some ribbon woven through it, which is really pretty)



Detail of embroidery and lace

This blouse also has detachable waist ties. It's in IW's beige shade, so it's like an antique white. The lace around the collar and cuffs is really soft and detailed.

Measurements: This is an IW size M, so-
Bust: 94 cm
Waist: 74 cm
Length: M 49+3 cm
Price: €80.00

Thanks for reading! :3
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