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WTB: PinkxBlue things to match my new pink Wonder Cookie!

Hey there :P

So I just got the pink version of the Wonder Cookie JSK with nothing to match it XD Here's a list of things I'm looking for!

Jewlery! I'm looking for some pink, blue, or pink and blue jewlery. Anything super sweet :P

Hairpieces! I already have the matching headbow, so what I'm looking for are some smaller hairbows and things. I love Chocomint, or chocomint style things. Also, no hairties, please as I have short hair and can't pull it back in any way. <3

Some pink SS tea party shoes for an 8.5-9 US shoe size

Socks or tights. I'm leaning more towards the tights thing, but I could go for socks too. I know there are actual Wonder Cookie socks, but I'm hesitant about spending $40 on socks. I would like tights or socks to be mostly blue.

Also looking for some kind of a blue cardigan.

I do know that AP released jewlery for Wonder Cookie, but that's not really what I'm looking for, as Angelic Pretty's jewlery tends to run way more than I'd be willing to spend on it, though if you have some and would like to make an offer, feel free c:

Here's a link to my feedback page!

Please and thank you <3
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, chocomint, handmade, offbrand, secret shop
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