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DS: Meta LP Blouse, Off-white Meta Blouse, Dream of Lolita Blouse.

Information for buyers
~ I ship from Australia
~ Paypal payment only - Prices do NOT include paypal fees.
~ Price does NOT include shipping.
~ Prices are in USD
~ EGL feedback and Etsy feedback

Please feel free to ask questions and make an offer! Please also note that measurements are amateurish ^__^;

Metamorphose LP Black Chiffon Blouse - SOLD

Metamorphose Blouse -SOLD

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Price: $75 obo
Bust: 35"-40" max (however if you are 38"+ and have broad shoulders, I do not recommend purchasing this as it will be very tight around the shoulder area)
Waist: 31"-34" (also has tie so can be smaller)
Shoulder to Shoulder: 14.5"
Arm measurments: 8.26" -12.20" max.
Item's Condition: Brand new with tags. I bought it off another seller on egl_comm_sales but it ended up not fitting me so I'm reselling in hopes of buying another blouse.
Item description: Off-white short-sleeved blouse with shirring and detachable ties at the back. High-collared and comes with collar tie.

Dream of Lolita Blouse


Price: $60 obo
Measurements (Flat measurements):
Bust: 53cm / 20.86"
Waist: 45cm / 17.71"
Shoulder to Shoulder: 40cm / 15.74"
Description: Brand new without tags. Only tried on. Very thick white blouse (looks like it's made from cotton twill). The lace on the collar is a cream, and the crochet lace is different white to the blouse fabric (please see pictures)

Tags: !ds, *plus size, metamorphose, offbrand
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