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DS: Jane Marple skirt, Deorart overskirt, Retroscope blouse, offbrand accessories, PLUS SIZE items!

Hello all,

I have some items for sale. Take a look~

Link to feedback page:
Paypal only, please.
North American buyers preferred.
Shipping is included in the stated price.
I am open to offers, so don't hesitate.
Preference is given to the first person to provide their paypal email (personal info may be sent via PM if you prefer, but leave a comment in the post expressing your interest)
Payment is expected within 24 hours; otherwise items proceed to the next person in line. 
Li'l Dracula is my picture proof :o)

On to the items....

Jane Marple tweed skirt SOLD
waist 33" (may go smaller due to waist ties)
length 23"
excellent condition

Deorart overskirt SOLD
not meant to be worn independently, but as an outer layer
waist 24" unstretched, 34" stretched to the maximum
27" at its longest point
excellent condition

Retroscope EGA  blouse SOLD
bust 40"
may go smaller due to corset lacing in the back
excellent condition

Hangry & Angry catalogs vol. 5 & vol. 6, $7.50 each, both for $14

Bodyline mini hat $10

excellent condition

Offbrand socks $6 each
paisly skull pattern
black/gray floral pattern SOLD
brown/tan/white floral pattern
better for slender calves

Vintage gloves $10
excellent for an EGA ensemble
approaching elbow length
excellent condition
approximate size 6.5; will suit a slender to medium width hand

Please comment if there are any questions about any items, or if you require further measurements. Thanks for looking~

Tags: !ds, *plus size, jane marple, offbrand
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