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!WTB Ouji or Prince Style Clothing!

I can pay by Paypal and Paypal only, not like that's not prefered.
I have feedback here:

(please see other links to see more feedback...)

I am VERY picky. Please do not be offended if I do not take interest in your item. I have to be picky, or else I think I will end up with more articles than I need.
I believe I only have enough funds to purchase one item currently. After I have selected the item I am going to purchase, all other items I will not be able to purchase at this time. Just a warning. So if you have something totally cool you think I may like, you may want to post it swiftly.
If I do not take interest in anything posted, I will not purchase anything posted. I hope that is not the case, but I don't want to feel obligated to buy something if I am not in love with it. I am serious about making a purchase however, so please do not take it the wrong way.

My busy size is 36 inches or 89 cm. If you are offering a JSK, jacket, or any other article that would require a blouse underneath, please note that I need room to breathe. ^^

My waist size is 27 inches, so please take this into consideration as well. My worst fear is buying something that will not fit~!

I am rather short as well, but I hope that will not be a problem (5'2").

Okay, enough with the specifics. On with the show!


I am interested in purchasing Ouji/Prince style clothing. I don't completely consider what I'm looking for to be Kodona, but I think it's a variation of it if I'm not mistaken. (Please forgive me for misinformation with the style, I'm still learning! It's kind of a hard one to research :P).

I am mainly looking for blouses and jackets at this time. Bottoms are okay, but they are not my main focus at the moment.

Blouse specifications:
1. I want frills, frills, and more frills. But not in a girl way (if that makes sense to anyone but myself).
2. A large boy at the neck would be ideal. Not a cutsey bow, an aristocratic bow.
3. A high collar would be nice as well, though it's not my main concern.
4. And lastly, billowing sleeves with tight cuffs sound wonderful, but it is to my understanding that those are hard to come by.
5. White, Cream, Offwhite (any variation of white), Brown or Black ONLY.

Jacket Specifications:
1. Not many.... I like the look of more tail-coat looking ones, but I'm not too picky on them. Stripes are okay, but I don't want a stripe overload. Please just show me anything you'd fancy. ^^

I'm mainly looking for an article from brand stores, though I'm open to more things. I am not really looking for Bodyline at this time. It is the only company I have experience with, and I didn't enjoy my experience all too well, so I'd like to branch out. Currently my favorite stores are Innocent World and Alice and the Pirates, but if you know of more companies I may like, please tell me of them or show me clothing from them!


I'm sorry that there are no pictures...I am slightly confused about the rules about linking pictures here. ^^;

If there is anything wrong with this post, please alert me! I will try to fix it immediately. I'm sorry it's so long! I've never really done a WTB before, and I wanted to make sure I got everything in here so I didn't have to re-explain in the comments.

Thank you for viewing!

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