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WTB: AATP Queens Coach High Bust Skirt/ Vampire forest headband/socks

 ♥Feedback here

I'm wanting to buy Queens coach High Bust Skirt, and matching bonnet in Black red or Pink Ivory please
I prefer new.
If worn please describe any flaws ( prefer their to be no flaws) 

Please provide proof photos.
Please post your feedback
I prefer USA only. But open to international.
I want tracking and insurance on the package.
Please post price quotes that include shipping to America.
( I will not purchase from anyone charging papal fees so please make sure you give me your FINAL offer before quoting me. If you send me a PP request and it is not the amount we agreed on then i will cancel the transaction)


Skirt NEW ( with tags): willing to pay for $230 shipped with tracking and insurance
No tags $200 shipped with tracking and insurance
Used flawless: $180 shipped  with tracking and insurance

Bonnet: New with tags: $135 shipped with tracking and insurance
No tags: $100 shipped with tracking and insurance
Used flawless:$85 shipped with insurance and tracking

BlackXred Prefered!!!!!

Also seeking the Purple Vampire forest socks and head bow.
I prefer socks to be brand new.

Headdress: New with tags $55 shipped
No Tags: $40 shipped
Used: $35 shipped

Socks: I prefer new only: $30 shipped

Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates
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