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DS : Chocomint/6%dokidoki accessories, one ManiaQ hoodie, one red wig, AP socks, more


Welcome !

- No holds.

- I ship from France.

- Shipping fees are not included in the prices stated.

- I accept Paypal only. Remise en mains propres possible pour les Parisiennes !

- No pets at home but there's a smoker.

- No trades.

- I'm not responsible if the parcel is lost !

- First one who pays get the item !

- Prices are negociable.

- Feedbacks here :





Angelic Prettty Angel Pony blue socks

Worn several times, washed but the sole is still a little darkened by the shoes, that's why they are at a lower price.

Price : 15€/~$20



Chocomint ring

Never worn

Price : 8€/~$10



Chocomint bangle

Never worn

Price : 8€/~$10




Chocomint pin/baretta

Never worn

Price : 8€/~$10


6%dokidoki pin/baretta

Never worn

Price : 25€/~$33



Red wig, tried on but never worn, very good condition then

Comes with a wig cap

Price : 20€/~$26




ManiaQ hoodie

Worn once, absolute perfect condition

Price : 30€/~$40


GLP coat

First owner. Used several times but overall good condition. Come with two removable pairs of ears : cat ears and bunny ears. Size M.

Price : 50€/~$66




Thank you for looking !


Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, chocomint, offbrand
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