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DS! Blue/ pink split wig, PLUS SIZE Dream of Lolita Kitten Window Skirt

Location: QLD, Australia
Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1090403.html
Payment : Direct Deposit for Aus residents or paypal.
Prices are in Australian Dollars

Dream of Lolita Kitten Window Skirt
SOLD thankyou <3
The supplier sent me this skirt and its 3 sizes to big for me :(. So as you can imagine, it's never been worn :P
it's a size XL, with an elasticized waist and will fit 111-130cm
cotton fabric with white print
comes with inbuilt tulle for added volume 
Price: $30 Au + Shipping

Stock photo:

Proof: Sorry, I only have  a webcam at the moment. 

Cosplay Wigs USA 
Lolita blue/pink split one piece wig.
 $45 + shipping  
Bought this wig from US seller Gothic Lolita Wigs / Cosplay Wigs USA
it's super cute, but I don't feel it suits me and have had trouble matching it to any of my co-ordinates.... and I already have pink and blue hair. So I'm selling it to buy a black one :)
I've worn it once, for about 40minutes whilst I took some photos and was sure to wear a wig cap ( it still has it's tags attached). Very high quality and it's in perfect condition.
This Seller comes highly recommended. 
Read reviews for these wigs on their facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/GothicLolitaWigs

This colour way:
 This is the same wig, only in black/white, shows you all angles
 Proof ( No mannequin, so excuse hello kitty :p) :
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