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DS: Tailormaid AP Bunny Pocket Replica (black),meta dot socks, Ap Op strawberry repost after 4 week

Here is my feedback page
Terms of Sale
- I only accept payment via PayPal at this time.
- Priority goes to the first person who leaves their PP address, and is willing to pay the full price.
- All items will be shipped within two business days of receipt of payment.
Angelic Pretty Replica Bunny Pocket black

Bust 100cm
Waist 90 cm
Long 96 cm
Before Euro 110,00 + shipping cost
Now 88+shipping cost

Metamorphose OTK black and white dot

Worn twice
before Euro20,00 + shipping cost
Now 18 euro + shipping cost

Angelic Pretty Pink Strawberry OP, a old print total shirring.
I bought it her on egl ,but it doesn't fit me well , pink is not my color ò__ò

front shirring

back shirring


Condition 4/5
Before 100,00 euro
Now 90,00 euro

Thank you
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, metamorphose
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