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DS: BTSSB dress, Bodyline skirt, cutsew, headbow

-Whoever can pay first gets the item!
-Feedback page: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/857900.html
-Buyer pays all paypal fees.
-Measurements and extra photos on request.

Blue Bodyline Skirt:

AP replica, with cute little pocket x3
Skirt by itself:  $19 + $6 shipping = $25 total

Matching blue headbow for bodyline skirt:
Same blue as the skirt.
Bow by itself: $6 + $3 shipping = $9 total.

Skirt and Bow set:  $30 even including shipping

Pink Bodyline cutsew (with detachable long sleeves):

Verrrry Stretchy. The dressform above is a size 4-6 and 
it still maintains its shape quite nicely x3
asking for $14+ $5 shipping =$19 total.

Pink Classic BTSSB dress (missing waist ties, previous owner did not include them)
Also fits quite nicely, and has shirring. The dressform above is size 4-6.
(I left the zipper open a little on the side because I was in a hurry
and forgot to undo the back corset lacing xD)
Asking for $64 + $6 shipping= $70 total.

Thanks for looking! Please feel free to ask any questions and i'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Tags: baby the stars shine bright, bodyline
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