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!DS: Cheap bodyline cherry JSK + Burgundy wig


Note:  US buyers preferred for the larger two items since customs forms and shipping them are a pain!  I will ship the clips internationally, however. :)  Did a little bit of research after my first group of sales last week so the altered prices should be fairly accurate. :)

All items will be shipped first-class and will reach anywhere in the US within 3-7 days, on average (unknown, internationally since it depends on where you live).  I will begin mailing these out on Tuesday, January 18th (due to P.O. holiday on Monday).  PAYPAL ONLY!  I will invoice you :).  The fees are already included in prices listed below.

Please be patient with my responses!  I will try my best to respond as quickly as possible and assure you that the item is yours, if you posted first that you want it.

Feedback page:

Bodyline – pink cherry JSK size M

Bow is detachable.  Lacing on the back looked cheap and so the previous owner removed it.  I agree with her and I think it looks much better without it.  No flaws that I could find.

US buyers only!!! $40 shipped w/confirmation.

Measurements from the site (pretty much true to size):

Length 90-94cm
Bust 86-96cm
Waist 68-78cm


(Sorry, I don't have better pictures--- I only tried it on once. xO)

Close-up of true color, print, and lace:

Another [horrible] picture for length comparison.  I am about 5' 7''.

Burgundy wig (non-heat resistant) –  Like new!

I only wore this once to try on and my little sister wore it once for a short photoshoot in our back yard.  I haven’t brushed it or done anything to it (it came with the fringe already cut).  It’s just like most other wavy non-heat resistant wigs so it tangles regularly but can be brushed out/trimmed with time.  It has been safely stored since wearing.  It’s seriously beautiful great considering the price but I have nothing to go with it and would like it to go too a nice home where it will be used. x3

US buyers only!!! $25 shipped w/confirmation.


Stock pictures of the true color:

Worn (by my little sister):


Chocomint star clip - Pink (re-listed due to failed payment)

$18 shipped in US, $20 shipped international

Available: SOLD!  Thank you!


Chocomint flower clip – Light pink (re-listed due to failed payment)

$13 shipped in US, $15 shipped international

Available: SOLD!  Thank you!

Thank you and have a wonderful day! :)

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