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WTB: mints, lavenders, and pinks! ~


hi all ^^

i'm shopping a little bit for the upcoming AP mini-party. please help me out if you can~

- mint accessories (necklace, rings, hair fixtures)
- lavender tops. maybe an AP cutsew, if i'm lucky? must fit 36" bust.
- plain pink OTKs -- i have so many pink socks, but after going through my chest, i'm finding that the hues are all off =[. i'm looking for a gentler, non-neon pink. stripes OK, as long as they are white or lavender.

that's all i need to complete the outfit i have in mind ^^

budget (despite finding a job, still important!) -
+ accessories: < $15 shipped
+ tops: depends on brand and condition, but average ~$35 shipped
+ socks: < $25 shipped

but we can negotiate =].

i would prefer to have these in less than two week's time, as they are meant for a specific event.

tradeable items:
btssb rhinestone watch, IW & AP JSKs, offbrand hoodie ]
cherry blouse & brand accessories (scroll to the bottom)]

i will also be selling a pair of mint SS tea parties (L), pink bodyline heels (24 cm), and a black tote (from the 2011 lyrical bunny LP) soon, so if you'd like to trade upfront, please don't hesitate to ask for proof pictures in advance =]

feedback ]

thank you
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