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DS: BtssB Sax Coat, with Bunny Ears!

[Wall of Text Inc.]
Shipping (with DC) within the U.S. and paypal fees are included in price.
Insurance will be extra, once the items leaves my hands, I am not responsible if you do not purchase insurance!
Paypal only.
Priority will be given to those who leave their paypal address first/US buyers. However those willing to pay full price or the best offer will have higher priority. International, please check with me for shipping, but it will be expensive.
Everything is negotiable.
Sets will NOT be separated unless there are buyers for each item!
Please feel free to ask questions!
I ship TThFSat, I will let you know as soon as I ship!
I will do holds for a NONREFUNDABLE deposit. I will also do payment plans as long as you put down a nonrefundable deposit as well.
Please be aware that I do have a dog, however she does not get in my closet, and I will try my best to lint roll as well as I can, however please be aware for your allergies sake.
Trades may be possible, please just provide a link to the items and your feedback! My Wish List is Here.
If you have a questionable amount of bad feedback, I reserve the right to refuse business with you, thank you for understanding.
I am not a professional seamstress, so all of the listed measurements are copied and pasted from the website, or I will let you know if I am guessing the measurements.
I will not give out refunds, should you choose to buy something for me. (Unless, obviously, there is something extremely inherently wrong with the item that I did not mention.)

Baby Coat with Bunny Ears and Mittens(I don't know the official name.)
Please note this is not exactly my version, mine is in sax, and this is only a reference!

Price: $200 shipped.
Condition: 7/10
Measurements: (Amateur measurements.)
Bust: 90cm
Waist: 75cm
Notes: I realized it doesn't get cold enough to really wear coats in Southern California... so I do not really have use for this. I never wore it out (only tried on), so I do not have pictures worn. X_x Sorry! It's super cute, soft, but it's been sitting in my closet for a few months, and I think it could find use somewhere else! The bunny ears part are removable! It's a super soft coat, and not itchy at all. The fabric is very stretchy!
I apologize for the bad photos!

Extra Pictures:
[Stock Photos, NOTE: Mine is in Sax and includes Mittens rather than a Muffler!] [Details]
[Front] [Hood from Font] [Back] [Back of Hood] [Mittens]

Thanks for your time!

Tags: !da, baby the stars shine bright
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