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DS: curly clip in falls (dark brown) & sweet jelwery with lots of mint also card sets!

Welcome to my sales post ^w^

Before buying please read this

  • I only accept paypal
  • Prices are in US Dollars
  • I ship worldwide
  • Shipping depens on the country you´re located please ask for it ^_^
  • I prefer ship by EMS with tracking number
  • I can use a cheaper method that is EMS without tracking number but  I´m not responsable for lost packages
  • All my jelwery is shipped in little boxes so they can arrive safe
 Now into the sales o(>w<)o

Click on the images for better resolution

Card sets
Every card is
2.6 cm height & 2 cm width

Set includes
1 ring
2 pins


Pink & black SOLD

White & black SOLD

White & red SOLD


Heart cookie brooches
$3 each

2.5 cm height & 3 cm width


Pink & mint

Purple & pink SOLD

Purple & mint SOLD



Yellow & pink

Pink & mint SOLD


Purple & mint  $10 SOLD

6.5 cm height & 3.5cm width

Each cupcake is 2.5 cm width & 3.5 height

Purple & mint 1 SOLD

Purple & mint 2

Yellow & hot pink

Blue & purple

Blue & mint

Yellow & soft pink

Pink & mint

Hot pink & mint

Yellow & purple

Curly Clip in Falls set of 2
I bought them for $40 + shipping
I´m asking $35+ shipping
or make me an offer


If you have a question please dont hesitate!!!!! ask!!
I´ll answer as fast as I can ^w^

Thanks for watching ^e^

These are new, I never worn them, still in their package

These are my proof photos

here are some photos from the user I bought these (sorry but I can take decent photos to show the color & how they look like)
This is the original color ^w^

and they look like these


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