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We've all fallen in a river from time to time

Huge Lolita and Punk Lolita Sale

 Feedback link: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/982700.html   I used to be a very active buyer and seller on EGL, but took a break.  So if my name is unfamiliar, that is why.

For international shipping, please inquire. I ship air mail unless you ask me to use priority. I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages, so if you want insurance please let me know. Also I can only insure for the marked value of package, so if you want me to mark an item down I can't insure it's real value. International Buyers, Paypal only sorry! As always, first to request invoice gets the item.   All my items have been in storage for over a year. All of them have been washed and dried. However, they might be wrinkled, or have fluff on them. I don't smoke, nor do I have pets.  


New Items:
Two Purses:

Red and white Polka Dot Purse:
More of a cherry red than the AP purse, this is in good used condition, with a lot of life left in, and a great shape for a casual sweet lolita. 8" long, 6" tall
17.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Red and White AP Purse:
 Faux pearls and two bows.  I'd categorize this as "fair" condition, as there are a few dents from where it was smooshed while in storage, and the inside of the purse shows wear. (pictured below.  The inside wear is comparable to actual damage, the scuffs appear more noticeable than in real life, due to the flash)  9 1/2 " wide, 6" tall, several inches wide

40.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Socks:  These are all in fair to good condition.  The AP and the bodyline socks were each worn 2-3 times.  All the non-black socks have minor discoloration on the toes from a pair of leaky black patent leather maryjanes I wear frequently.  Most noticeably on the Meta alphabet and tricolor sailor ones
Left to right:
Knee High Meta Lace topped socks 20.00 shipped in the US
Knee High Meta sailor socks  12.00 shipped in the US SOLD
Target Brand cherry Knee highs: 5.00 shipped in the US
Bodyline Cherry Knee highs: 12.00 shipped in the US SOLD
AP black and white heart knee high socks: 17.00 shipped in the US
No boundaries pink and purple striped socks: 5.00 shipped in the US
BTSSB white cherry Knee high socks: 18.00 shipped in the US SOLD
Metamorphose OLD SCHOOL (seriously 2003 o so, IIRC?) alphabet cookie socks over the knee: 17.00 shipped

Bottom Row

Pink over the knee Target socks worn 3-4 times: 6.00 shipped
Metamorphose burgandy and white ribbon motif socks (worn twice, don't suit my style) 20.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Socks #2
From top to bottom
Bodyline Over the knee cat socks (worn 4-5 times tops, no flaws) 15.00 shipped in the US
Meta Candy trump socks (worn once, no flaws)  25.00 shipped anywhere in the US
ETC pink striped socks fair condition, some discolorations on bottom of sock 12.00 shipped anywhere in the US
OLD SCHOOL Meta knee high floral socks with lace toppers.  Good condition. 18.00 shipped anywhere in the US
Meta red and white striped sailor socks..  Fair condition.  12.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Meta Crown cutsew:
Moderate fading, but great for wearing around the house, or pajamas.  waist and bust 30" completely unstretched
20.00 shipped

Bodyline Cat ear polka dot blosue/cardigan.
I wore it under a JSK as a blouse, but I'd say it is too short to wear as a blosue any other time.  It was meant to be a cardigan sort of top, I think.  Has a cat embroidered on the front, drawstrings, and cat ears. 36" bust 
18.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Bodyline Musical Skirt with heart pockets
worn less than a dozen times, still in good condition.  no fading, but one of the ribbons unraveled a bit, so I had to re-tie the knot at its end.  28" waist with the shirrin unstretched, but lacing undone.  can go smaller OR larger  23" long
On website:

25.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Heart pocket:

Putumayo Punk lolita skirt:
Worn and faded.  Came "pre-distressed", but has been worn a lot so it is hard to tell what is actual wear and what is part of the design.  It has three layers of fabric, and has faded to a dark grey on the outermost layer.  Needs a new button on the waist, or you can wear it with a safety pin (what I did)  25" waist, 18" long
Price reflects condition of skirt
35.00 shipped anywhere in the US


Hellcat punks Punk lolita top
Never worn, but it got dirt on in while in storage, so I washed and dried it to get rid of the dirt.  Bust/waist 32" unstretched
15.00 shipped anywhere in the US

BTSSB Black cutsew skirt
This is a "fixer upper"  the elastic has caused the waistband to develop some small holes where the waistband begins, and the fabric has horizontally stretched and so is no longer the same length around.  Still perfectly wearable as a casual lolita skirt, but as always, I want to be 100% up front about my sales.  Price reflects condition of skirt. goes from approx 25-36" waist,  length varies from 17-19"

20.00 shipped anywhere in the US: 

stock photo:



Hem and ribbon detail:

Two Punk  Lolita tank tops:

(left) Sexpot Revenge Alice in "No-Dying Land" themed with chain shoulder straps 27" bust/waist completely unstretched , accordin to fabric) Fits a 33" bust, 29" waist comfortably.  Small deoderant stain on bottom right by hem
25.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Comes with chain straps (removable for laundering)

with straps (included)

 (right) MA  Red Riding Hood themed 27" bust, 26" waist completely unstretched.   WIll fit a 33" bust, 29" waist comfortably.  Deoderant stains (very light) 
25.00 shipped anywhere in the US

OR 45.00 shipped for both and I'll throw in a few punk jewelry pieces/acessories.



Kera Maniax Specials 

From top left to bottom right:
1  2007, has ads for the BTSSB MA prin OP/JSKs, Angelic pretty's velvet carosel/merry go round print, and the original release of the pocket embroider BTSSB JSK. -16.00 shipped in US
2 Volume 11 (2008) has an unused sticker sheet and pattern with 6 accessories still insterted 20.00 shipped in US
3 Volume 10 (2008)   has unused AP mermaid sticker sheet and a pattern with 12 acessories  20.00 shipped in US
Volume 1 (Nana special, 2003) has unused h.Naoto sticker sheet and Lolita tarot reading insert with one page removed, but will be included) 16.00 shipped
Volume 5 (2005) unused gloomy bear sticker sheet, and make your own gloomy bear business card page - 18.00 shipped

White MAM tote:
18.00 shipped in the us (has a small stain towards the bottom of the bag, as pictured)

Dirt stain?

Detail of Key design:

Metamorphose Black and White OP:
Very simple, would make a great olita or (dare I say it? ~maid~) outfit.  Has black buttons down the front, and a white lace collar and cuffs. 36" bust max, 29" waist
detail of collar:

HeartE Grey Cutsew:
bust 32" unstretched, waist 31" unstretched 17 1/2" long.  There is some yellowing on the right collar.  I tried to photograph it, but it didn't show well.

38.00 shipped anywhere in the US

cuff: i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/Sales/sale%201/147.jpg

4 Alice Bows

White or Black Forever 21 Bow (white one worn once, black one NWT) 8.00 shipped each, or 15 for both.  They aren't as shiny as they look, they are a matte satin

Red and white Jolie Chose Alice Bow 12.00 shipped

White Innocent World Alice Bow.  I removed it from the black fabric covered headband I used to wear it for storage, but will include it in the sale:
20.00 shipped anywhere in the US
(back, see above picture for front)

Kokusyoku Sumire CD, still in plastic

アンデルメルヘン歌曲集 [新装版/ Songs Anderumeruhen [New Edition] CD (3,000 yen list 2007)
bought at Yumemiru Concert, but never opened. 
30.00 shipped


1. Anderumeruhen March
2. red and purity
3. Worries young Gretel
4. Over one hundred years after the time
5. Tomodachi Polka
6. and lighting
7. Marionette tragedy
8. fair the forever, I violet flowers
9. That's Song
10. Canon
Bonus Track
Happy bride in the world 11
12 Lascia Ch'io Pianga

back: i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/Sales/sale%201/127.jpg

Black and white size L Baby, the stars shine Bright shoes:
In great shape, worn 1-2 times, tops (they are too small) I wear a US8.5, I think they would better fit a 7 1/2-8 .  Only flaw is a small dent by the front of one of the shoes ribbon detail (pictured)  will ship in original box.  Missing the flower shoe clips that came with.

70.00 shipped

small dent in front:

Yet again, these aren't shiny, they are matte, but I had to use my flash because of a snowstorm


OLD STUFF (4 week repost, but some has been marked down anyways becasue I want it GONE!)


Old School Meta heart stripe cutsew
This is faded from black to a dark grey, and has one line of cracking in the print.  There is a loop in the back for a princess tie (included). 
19" long, 30" bust unstretched
15.00 shipped anywhere in the US
detail: i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/sales054.jpg

A+Lidel Striped cutsew
long sleeves, very warm cotton tee
the print says "God Save the Queen Fuck You.  No future. Destroy" and has some cute skulls with bows
bust 34" unstretched,  sleeves 23" long, top 26" long
40.00 shipped anywhere in the US


black and white oxford Mary-Jane platforms (demonia Brand) 
size US 8 1/2, platform is 1 1/2" foam, rubber sole
25.00 shipped anywhere in the US

scuffs: i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/Sales/sale%201/026.jpg

Volatile Lolita shoes (Youske replicas) US 7
I've been trying to find these for YEARS, and finally did but they are too small. My loss=your gain. Brand is Volatile, and they are replicas of a pair of Youske ( and awesome japanese punk/lolita shoe company. These are in good condition for how old they are, but I'd still be hesitant to call them in "good condition" a few scuffs and scratches, but still have a lot of life in them. They have ankle straps.

25.00 shipped anywhere in the US

soles: i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/sales216.jpg


Red Tartan bodyline skirt , some pilling of fabric
waist, 25" unstretched, goes to about 29" max
20.00 15.00 shipped anywhere in the US


Old School Angelic Pretty Gingham skirt with detachable waist ties
25" unstretched, goes to about 28".  length is 20"
45.00 40.00 shipped

Moi-Meme-Moitie Size M white eyelet fabric skirt with apron back
21" long, waist is 26"
65.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Purple skirt, 30" waist, great condition
15.00  `13.00 shipped anywhere in the US


Old School Chiffon Meta skirt
I always thought this would make a great ero coord, but I always used it straight goth or as a petti.  
detchable apron and waist ties, chiffon and lined with lace and a few ribbon bows
25" unstretched, will go to 28" or so, 19 1/2" long
40.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Mam black skirt with blue trump ribbon and matching Alice Bow PLUS SIZE FRIENDLY
this skirt has a great stretch waistband that takes it from 25" to 38" easily.  Medium black, not a dark black, and the ruffles could stand to be ironed. (I laundered it, but my iron dislikes ruffles, so I can't do it myself)
22" long (with lace), with matching headbow and detachable waist ties.
65.00 55.00 shipped anywhere in the US

BOW: i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/sales165.jpg

OPs, sets and Dresses

Old School Meta dress
Red Cherry print with tiered and ruffled skirt, smocked front and detachable waist ties
sleeves have the winged cross lace, the rest has Meta's cross lace, the flower on the front is a detachable brooch
36" bust completely unstretched, shirring can go quite a bit larger, shoulders approx 19-20"
only owner, originally was 27,900 yen, worn 2-3 times
100.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Pin and top of dress:

Winged Cross Lace:

Peace Now  Tartan Dress

Princess Sleeves with chiffon under layer, black, red, and green flannel tartan, and a matching collar that can be flipped to either coordinate with the print, of black faux fur.  I'm the only owner, the original price was 27,590 yen. I wore it less than a dozen times.  The front has tiny loops for corset lacing if you like, I removed it, but will include the ribbon.
37" long, waist 33" max,  can go smaller.  bust  38-40" max, can go smaller
150.00  125.00 shipped anywhere in the US priority with insurance, or

Tag: i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/sales080.jpg

Princess Sleeves with chiffon lining: i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/sales157.jpg
Hem and undersirt: i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/sales076.jpg
With lacing: i66.photobucket.com/albums/h255/baby-angst/sales073.jpg


Betsey Johnson Bracelet/Brooch set
Still has 85.00 tag and pin jewelry box.  Boq shaped brooch attaches to bracelet, or can be worn separately
40.00 35.00 shipped anywhere in the US
tag and charm:

Sex Pot Revenge logo Tie, Burgandy
25.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Positano pinstripe and Fleud-de-lys vest
bust area approx 38" across, says size Small, fits more like a medium, I'd say (maybe have been a men's small?)
hard to photograph, but the fleur-de-lys is leopard printed. :)
22-23" long along bottom
15.00 13.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Sexy Dynamite London replica tie
10.00 shipped anywhere in the US


Bat-su gothic socks with ribbon laces
bought these from the site, and wore them once.  The ribbons are button on, to remove for washing
25.00 shipped anywhere in the US

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