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DS: Handmade skirts

Hi there,

Help me please to get rid of these skirts that don't fit me well, this is because I'm a sewing beginner and I do a lot of beginners mistakes.

Prices are in USD including shipping to anywhere.

Not a perfect skirt but still lovely. 

price: 30$
waist measurement: 74-80

As you can see, threads are coming out because I sew the fabric in wrong direction. also zipper is seen more than it should be (can be fixed if you're patient which I'm not). 
It's grey color (darker then in the picture)
The fabric is stretchy corduroy. 
price: 25$
waist measurement: 68-80

This skirt is creamish and lilac color. It's lovely. Too sweet for me. The lace is gorgeous! 
price: 60$
waist measurement: 72 cm (no shirring)

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