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Hi! This is actually my first sales post, so hopefully I do it right... Anyway, I was lucky enough to go to Harajuku on New Year's and snag some Lucky Packs, but as the case often is, not everything in them was either to my liking or my size. So, hopefully, that's where you benefit, because I'm not really looking to make a whole lot of money from them, just maybe break even.

Everything is new, in bag, with tags (where applicable -- Baby doesn't put tags on their LP stuff!)

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Accessories

I bought an accessory pack, and while the bow and scarf that came with it will get a fair amount of use, if I'm gonna be honest, I will never use these items!

Hair scrunchie - $8 SOLD

Bunny keychain - $8 ON HOLD

Bunny totebag - $8 SOLD

And the cute bag they came in, with a double zipper - $8 SOLD

If you buy all four together, I'll discount it to $30!

Black Peace Now zipper pants

Detail 1 Detail 2

$75 OBO (originally retailed for 15,120円!)

They say they're a size "medium", but that's pretty vague. The waist is 14.5" across flat.

Metamorphose chiffon blouse

I apologize in advance for the pictures of this blouse... it's see-through and black, so that makes it kind of a pain to photograph! If you're interested in it, I'll try to take better shots.

The back Holding it up with a better shot of the tag.

$75 OBO (originally retailed for 14,490円!) SOLD


I live on a US military base, so shipping within the US will be either USPS Priority or First Class Mail. I'd set a flat rate, but if you're getting just a scrunchie or something, it wouldn't be in your favor, so please let me know what you want to buy so I can give you a shipping quote! For anyone outside of the US, I can do the international version of Priority or First Class.

Thanks for looking! ♥
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