mlle_chantilly (mlle_chantilly) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT: Mother goose skirt by BtssB

Hi everyone,

~My feedback here
~I'm from France
~I'm in University, so I always ship on friday or Saturday
~You can PM me for question :3

~I have Mother goose in starry sky, pink version by btssb. It's my dream skirt but I don't wear it often, so I thinking to trade it :3
The skirt is in perfect condition, like new. It's come with waist tie.

~I'm looking for these skirts:
-Mother goose in starry sky, btssb, cream or navy blue colors
-Hymn, AatP, Navy blue colors
-Alice and her black cat, btssb, red or black colors
-Fancy melody, AP, Black or Red colors
-Shizuku no rococo, btssb, lavender color
-Melody doll, AP, red or white colors
-Dreamy doll house, AP, lavender or black colors

I also looking for musical brand skirt, especially Metamorphose skirt; and you can also just tell me what you have :3

If you have the bow with, I also can trade the mother goose bow.

Thank You, and Have a nice day~
Tags: !dt, baby the stars shine bright
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