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!WTB: Cutsew! Stole/Scarf :3 ! Possible other "top" in lavender? Blouse, cardigan? ):

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Payment: Paypal
Shipping: I want shipping confirmation.
Location: North Carolina
Size:  US s-m - I fit into most "one size" Japanese items.

 Lavender Cutsew (Blouse or Cardigan if I can't fine a cutsew) - I would look at pink, too:

I am looking for a lavender Cutsew or Blouse to add to my wardrobe.... I would prefer long sleeve but it definitely doesn't have to be.  
I don't know of many lavender blouses, but I thought I'd give the option. I do not want one with shirring around the bust, though. I'm a smaller girl but my bust is just enough that such shirring makes me look awkward and weird....): so please, no shirring *at all* unless it's in the back.  I may look at cardigans but it's not really what I'm looking for ); I just need something to coordinate with my lyrical bunny socks and a black JSK. 


I am not sure of the technical term for these, if there is one, but I am not looking for an ordinary "wrap" scarf. I'm searching for anything in that clips/ties in the front sort of style. Maybe any color but black :) But i'd love pink or lavender.

(I searched back as far as I could to make sure it has been a month since I searched for a blouse. The nearest one I could find was over a month ago and it wasn't for the same kind >< so I believe I am okay? Thank you!)

Thank you for any offers~! I Will be on this evening to check for any :3 
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