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DS: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Hello egl~ I need some cutsews gone, and i'm hoping they will find new owners!
I really need these gone, so I'm open to offers and some trades!
All prices in Euros, and include shipping to anywhere.
Tracking is extra, 1.5€

My feedback

Btssb blue gingham cutsew

click on to zoom
Price: 48€ shipped obo
Flat Measurements:
Bust: 40cm
Waist: 35cm
Length: 55cm
Worn only once, perfect condition, ribbon removable


Btssb white blouse detachable sleeves

Price: 84€ shipped obo
Also looking to (partial)trade with other white blouse
Flat Measurements:
Bust: 44cm
Waist: 37cm
Length: 52cm
Second owned but in perfect condition, sleeves detachable


Btssb white cutsew - sold!

Price: 28€ shipped obo
Flat Measurements:
Bust: 38cm
Waist: 33cm
Length: 50cm
The ribbons are a bit twisted from washing, but that's always inevitable with ribbons xD otherwise great condition. The ribbon is lavender-purplish


Btssb white logo cutsew --sold!

Price: 18€ shipped obo
Flat Measurements:
Bust: 38cm
Waist: 37cm
Length: 51cm
Worn twice, perfect condition, no flaws, no reduction of the glitter


link to my old dress sale


Thanks for looking ^^

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright
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