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DS/DT: American size 9.5/10 lolita friendly shoes

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Hey everyone!

I'm clearing out my shoe bin and I realized that there are a bunch of shoes that I need to ditch because I NEVER wear them. :/ It's sad because a lot of them are super cute, but I've come to the conclusion after ALL this time, that me and heels do not get along... Oh well, my loss is your gain. :) All prices include PP fees and shipping within the US. If you're international, add $5.

Used black and cream lace flats- $15

No damage that I can see. I wore these a few times but took great care of them. :)

Tried on brown faux leather victorian granny boots- $25 ****SOLD******

These have some creases and scuffs from being stored improperly, but I've never actually worn them out. :/ Here is a pic of some of them.

BRAND NEW hot pink heart-cut out heels- $35 *****SOLD*****

These are literally BRAND new. They said that they were 10's but I would say that they would fit a 9.5 a little better than a 10. :/ They even still SMELL like the factory. lol However- They have some white paint or glue or something on the inside of one of the shoes. It's really small, but I'm sure if you have some shoe cleaner you could get it off no problem. Here's a pic.

BRAND NEW light pink polka-dot-bow heels- $35

Same problem as the above shoe... Too small for me. Again, I would suggest these shoes to a 9.5 instead of a 10- they were a little too tight for me. :/ There are no flaws on this as far as I saw.

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