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!DS&Updates: Secret Shop Shoes Final Stock has come in, Custom House Shoes, Rose Melody Coat

Feedback on eglfeedback in here.

For all updates, please see
Front Page. International shipping will not be off during the Chinese New Year Holiday this year, all in-stock items can be sent out normally. Please see here for detailed info about orders and shipping during the holiday.

Custom House

As requested,  all Custom House PU shoes can now be lined in Calfskin. Your feet may not be that "sweaty" again wearing PU shoes in the summer. Standard lining material for PU shoes is PU.

Please see the pics below for Calfskin lining. Lining colour is not optional.

Secret Shop

Secret Shop Shoes Model 9807 Pre-Order - The supplier may not be able to confirm Lavender and Brown colourway before the Chinese new year holiday begins. My suggestion is that you can pre-order Lavender now and also provide a second colour choice(if you don't have a second choice, you can ask for a full refund). If lavender and brown end up not being available in this round, we can switch to the second choice. Or you can wait for stock which will be limited.

A lot of new Secret Shop Shoes stock has come in yesterday.
These will be the final stock of the following models before May/2011 or the next pre-order.
For the rest models, you can check with us for colours and sizes available as they haven't been sorted yet.

Secret Shop Shoes Model 9831(Sandals) - Available in Light Blue, Black, White, Light Pink
Secret Shop Shoes Model 9829 - Available in Mint, Lavender, Black, Light Pink
Secret Shop Shoes Model 9830 - Available in
White, White&Pink, Pink, Black and Lavender
Secret Shop Shoes Model 9828 - Available in Light Blue, Black, Light Pink and Red
Secret Shop Shoes Model 9825 - Available in Light Blue, Black, Red and White

Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix Coat(Exclusive of the beret)

The coat is located in Australia. US$141.95 US$100.95 exclusive of shipping cost.
You can calculate shipping from the Australian Post website. The coat will weigh about 2.2kg.

The coat will fit bust-98cm, waist-80cm, hips-111cm, shoulders 38cm.
Measurements of the coat:
Bust: about 106cm,
Waist: about 88cm,
Shoulders: 40cm
Arm Circumference: 32cm
Armhole Circumference: 46cm

Any questions, please feel free to ask using the Contact Form. To make an order, please download/fill out the Order Form and email it as attachment to info[at]clobbaonline[dot]com.
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