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!DS / !DT: Metamorphose cream chiffon blouse

My feedback can be found here:

* I accept PayPal dn banktransfer (but any fees must paid by yourself)
* Those who leave their paypal address first gets the item, however I have the right to accept higher offers if there is more than one person interested.
* I have the right to not sell to someone I deem an unsafe buyer.
* Please allow up to 2 weeks for me to ship out your items, as I don't have access to transportation every day.
* With that said: I cannot guarantee that your package will arrive by a certain date. !!!
* I'm shipping from germany

And here we go:

Metamorphose cream chiffon blouse

Condion: 5/5 new with tag
Size: The Blouse has shirring in the back, so it also fits bigger sizes. (For example my sizes and the shirring is not realy stretched: Bust: 90 cm Wiast: 73 cm)
Price: 75 € + shipping
I will accept trades:
I'm looking for a white blouse (short or longsleeve) and an solid black dress... but i will look for every other trade, too. Suprise, me *smile*.
(if you want i will send you a link to my wishlist, but I don't think anyone of you will trade a branddress for this blouse *smile*
Tags: !ds, !dt, metamorphose
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