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DS/DT/WTB/PT: Closet Cleaning!

Feedback Page:


Here are some things you need read and know first:
  • Paypal only: First person to leave account 411 gets it!
  • Shipping from Tucson, AZ, USA and is NOT included in the prices listed.
  • USA shipping only (unless you are willing to pay for shipping outside of the 48 contiguous states).
  • All prices are as listed/OBO.
  • Tracking is optional for all orders.  If you desire tracking, pls let me know.
  • Please include the name of the item in the subject line when posting.
  • If you have any measurements you specifically desire, please msg me with the name of the item and the measurments you need.  I will be happy to help!
 Important facts to know when reading:

  My style preference

  1.  Classic
  2.  Casual
   My measurements

               Bust: 40''/ 104 cm
               Waist: 33''/ 83.8 cm
               Hips: 47''/ 119.4 cm
               Shoe: 9->9.5 USA (depending on the shoe)


The following items I have for PT/DT/DS ( if DS= prices are listed, but also accepting reasonable offers, pls):


Offbrand: light brown platform shoes
USA Size 9-9.5
$20 + shipping + pp + tracking fees(tracking optional)

Offbrand: White lace, full-fingered gloves
+ shipping + pp + tracking fees(tracking optional)

"Poison Sugar": Wa-Loli Head Peice
Notice the cute dust sprites from "My Neighbor Tortoro"?
$10 + shipping + pp + tracking fees(tracking optional)

"Poison Sugar": Sweets Necklace
$10 + shipping + pp + tracking fees(tracking optional)

Me wearing the bonnette.
Offbrand: White lace bonnette. circ. 38.5 in/ 97.8 cm
$10 + shipping + pp + tracking fees(tracking optional)

(Skirt is not apart of this post.  This is to show the petticoat being worn at my natural waist.)
(Below is a close-up.  Skirt worn, is a high-waisted overskirt of 26 in/66 cm in length.)

Fetish Falls Petticoat:
(this item currently on hold for [info]viviana_chan per her request)
24.5 in/ 62.2 cm long (from waist to hem)
$20 + shipping + pp + tracking fees(tracking optional)

Waist Measurements (flat)
 Unstretched; 17 in/ 43.2 cm
Stretched; 25 in/ 63.5 cm

Please keep in mind the afformentioned size/style information when going through the list below.
$25 USD and under for all items listed.
Will consider as high as $40 USD (incld shipping) if the item is a "gotta have it".
  1. Blk blouse:  Prefered long sleeve as it is winter.  Will highly consider if it has removable sleeves.
  2. Petticoat: blk/off-wht; of reasonable shape and length for classic; holds shape well/without too much fiddling with it.
  3. Shoes: blk/brwn; for classic; no tea-parties pls.
Thank you for looking!


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