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!GO: sweet / classic / gothic jewelry

Hello everyone ^^

I am posting this again on behalf of a friend, since she has recently joined the community but does not have a feedback page set up yet. This might be an unlikely request, but we were thinking of organizing a mini !GO for one of our community sellers who runs Bitter Sweet, an indie classic / gothic / sweet lolita jewelry store. The owner of this shop lives in Russia, which means shipping to the US even for one item will cost a base rate of $7. But, after talking to her, she has said it is more economical to run a group order instead, since she can ship up to 7 jewelry items for the same rate of $7. (Specifically, the max weight allowed for $7 airmail is 250 grams).

My friend is interested only in 1 or 2 items, so we are looking for 4-5 people who might be willing to join (or 2-3, if said parties are interested in multiple purchases) with us in ordering =]. Anyone is welcome, but the max benefits are for those who live in the US (especially California), because if we meet our quota, the shipping you end up paying is around $1 - $2.

★ Here is her etsy, facebook page, and LJ.

Please fill out this form if you are interested:

LJ name:
Item(s) interested: [ link(s) ]
Shipping requests: The default is first-class / airmail using recycled packaging. If you would like tracking or priority, please note.
Additional questions / comments:

The !GO date will close in five days time, on Jan 15th, 2011.

Thank you for reading!

Here is my feedback.
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