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WTB: SHOES!! Handmade, hats, bloomers, socks!! (USA preferred)

My birthday is coming up on February 7th, and I'd love to have some new things for myself!!
I'm interested in Sweet and Classic items. <33
I can also trade, so if you are interested in trading, let me know!
Not sure if I need this, but just in case, Click me! (feedback)

Shoes (less than 50 dollars)
I like REPLICA shoes, or offbrand!!
I am size 23.4 - 24, depending on the shoe.
I like Tea Parties and low heels (one inch or shorter).

Red, blue, purple, and pink are preferred, but I'll look at anything!

For example, things like this:

Hats/Headbows (less than 30 dollars)
Any general headbows (general, meaning versatile). Any small-sized "straw" hats with ribbons/flowers (from as small as your fist to snuggly fitting your head).
Handmade, or offbrand is wonderful!!
For example:
straw hat 1

I prefer above, but this is also nice:

Bloomers (less than 30 dollars)
I usually like frilly bloomers, with colorful patterns and such.
Handmade is good, if they're wellmade and won't rip when I sit. ><
My waist is 68cm to 73 cm, depending on if I eat a buffet of food or not ( *w* !!).
My hips are about 87cm.
For example:

I know that above is a skirt, but those frills!! <33

OTK socks are preferred, but knee highs are amazing also! I generally like Sweet socks (pastel pinks/blues/purples), but show me if you have other types! :)
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