Lessie, Noblesse oblige (mydarlinglessie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Lessie, Noblesse oblige

urgent DS: metamorphose bodyline need to sell this asap let me get my dream dress

hello ladies!
read this first
i ship from argentina
prices are in usd
i'll ship on monday
i accept paypal
here and here
i need to sell this so i can but my dream dress so please make an offer
if you want more pics just ask! don't be afraid of commenting <3

Metamorphose toy Box Skirt in Pink
this is a lovely skirt i got on auction, but it's a bif big on me and not entirely my style so i'm selling it. i'm not sure how many times has been worn but i can't find any stais or something like that, but it is quite old so it does not feels like new, great condition though.
this is no longer abiable on meta's website.
the print is just darling and the belt adds a nice 50's look.

size : length 50 cm , waist 64cm (25.1in)  can go a bit more
price:  100 usd+shipping+ppfees  90 USD SHIPPED WORLDWIDE +pp fees OBO

BNWT Metamorphose swan logo totebag

this is darling but i don't need another black totebag
: 35 usd+shipping+ppfees 30 usd shipped wordwide `+pp fees obo

Bodyline Girly Note skirt replica in pink
oh, i've loved this so much, this is so pretty and i adore it but sadly i'm not using it as much as i'd like to :( so i have to let it go
the bow has no longer the pearls

this is sold out in bodyline's website
i wore this several times but still looks great
size: waist up to 70cm
prize: 40 usd+shipping+ppfees  40 usd shipped worldwide+pp fees obo

if you want a better pics just say so

Tags: !ds, bodyline, metamorphose
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