COURT-NEE (bijoujou) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: Honey Picnic set, Meta Marine stripe, Fairy trump, Romantica train,and an tai na tea parties



Shipping included for us only. Internationals still welcome!

Don't be embaressed to haggle. the worst i'll say is no!

Metamorphose Marine stripe-tricolor
Loved this guy....but it's too sweet for me. I used to have the other color and recently got this one to give it a second chance. It's in great condition. Amazing for plus sized girls. I saw looks best on girls no bigger than 42" on the bust. The straps tie, so you can make it a halter!

120usd shipped

130 usd shipped ON HOLD

BLACK An tai na tea parties
Never worn! Size LL
43 shipped (sorry for crappy dsi pic...)

Metamorphose Romantica train in pink
Full-shirred waist!

Fairy trump in pink
Kills me to sell this guy. The animals are so cute. Ask for more pictures!
100usd shipped - partial trade for jsk version in another color.
30" inches


Tags: !ds, metamorphose, offbrand
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