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DS: BtSSB B&W Headpiece, Novala Takemoto/Hello Kitty Towel, 2 Gothic & Lolita Bible Extras, +Fabric

All prices include US domestic shipping -- please PM me for international shipping rates.  Payment is via Paypal, no fees.  Feedback is here.  Thanks for looking!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Black & White Headpiece - I got this headpiece several years ago, but have only worn it twice, so it is in excellent condition.  $35, includes domestic priority shipping.

Novalo Takemoto for Hello Kitty "Pour Lolita Punk Edition" Hand Towel - If you've ever traveled in Japan, you've discovered that bathrooms rarely have paper towels for drying your hands, so most Japanese women carry a small terry towel in their purses for this purpose.  This towel was designed by Novalo Takemoto, who worked for Baby's, inconjunction with Sanrio in a Hello Kitty pattern.  I received it at a special event for Novalo Takemoto and am not sure if it was even available for sale.  It has never been used or even taken out of the package, so it is in brand-new condition. - $11, including domestic first class shipping.

Gothic & Lolita Bible Special Edition for Hair & Makeup - This special edition came out a few years ago and is a great resource for Gothic & Lolita hair styles, makeup and nail art.  It has over 100 pages packed with gorgeous photos.  I've looked through it a few times, but it has been carefully stored and is in like-new condition. - SOLD.

Gothic & Lolita Bible Extra 2 - This is a special edition that came out a few years ago, focused on making your own Gothic & Lolita clothes.  It is packed with sewing patterns and instructions, as well as knitting and crochet patterns and hair, makeup and even decorating tips.  The  paper patterns are complete and have never been used or even removed from the magazine.  I bought it new, but have only looked through it a few times, so it is in like-new condition.  SOLD!

Three Pieces of Cute Japanese Lolita Fabric - I bought this fabric a few years ago at Okadaya, a Japanese fabric store in Shinjuku.  They are all cotton and each piece measures 44" wide by about 19" long (1/2 meter).  There are two with carousel horse patterns with pink and blue backgrounds and one with a Cinderella pattern with a black background.  I originally bought them for doll clothing, but they would also work well for clothing for people or crafts projects.  They are clean, unused and like-new.  Sold.

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