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DS: Paris Window skirt + some old sales

- My feedback can be found here (+36)
- I ship from Hungary, EU
- EU buyers preferred. Shipping outside EU is about double the price as shipping within EU countries, so I'm less flexible with prices sent overseas.
- I ship with registered priority mail, wich has a general fee for all European Union countries. I refuse to ship without tracking, it's for my safety as well.
- I make photo proof of shipping and tracking, and I'm not responsible if the package is lost.
- first paypal address comes first
- if you want to have a payment plan, or you can't send the payment within 3 days, please ask first, before you post your paypal address!
- I'm open to reasonable offers
- paypal fees are included!

BTSSB Paris Window (Paris no mado) skirt in lavender

I bought it because it was my dream print, but I realized meanwhile that I'm not the skirt-type person any more. I love this skirt, but I'm fundraising for another dream item, so I'm selling it. It was worn 3 times alltogether since I bought it, the fabric looks like brand new. It's really in mint condition.

Max strech of the waist is 72 cm. I was told 75 back then, but that's impossible if you want to button it in.
Lenght is about 55 cm, I'm 160 cm tall and it goes below my knees.

EU Price: 100 Euro + 16 Euro shipping cost, includint tracking, priority and paypal fees
Everywhere else: 130 USD + 25 USD shipping cost (also including tracking, priority and paypal fees)

Also, if you are intrested in trades, I have a pink Kidsyoyo blouse, Angelic Pretty tote bag, beret, bracelet, and BTSSB cake ring and tin container here.
Tags: !ds, !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose
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